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Music Monastery’s Highly Functional Art Attraction

What is The Music Monastery & The Great Wall of Art?

This is the longest sprayed concrete sculpture wall, inspired by the Nashville tornado of March 2020. It was done by artists and musicians in Nashville, who wanted to create something unique and more functional than a wooden privacy fence.

The Great Wall of Art is our Attraction. It is a functional and artistic installation that wraps around the perimeter of the Music Monastery and will hold fresh mural installations every 3 years.

In 2020, the tornado that rocked Nashville destroyed the grounds of the Music Monastery (formerly the Urban EcoVillage). In our efforts to rebuild, we understood the need for sustainable structures in Nashville – and ones that celebrated the artistic community of East Nashville. Thus, the Great Wall of Art was born! Made with basalt (lava rock), concrete and steel rebar, this unique masterpiece is functional, strong and creative. It’s also fireproof, termite proof, fireproof and rot proof 🙂

The outdoor grounds are full or rich woodchips breaking down into soil, mycelium, and a nice urban bamboo forest too. Bamboo can be a hated “invasive” grass, however, it is highly sustainable. Why? It is green year round and provides a habitat for birds and creatures year round, unlike the native trees. Bamboo is flexible and strong and actually helped protect the music monastery during the tornado of 2020, by breaking the wind and protecting that part of the property. Bamboo can be harvested every 7 years and can make all the same products that trees can, however, trees take 20-30 years to harvest. Based on our rate of tearing down forests, the native trees can’t keep up. In addition, natural disasters are taking away trees, and developers are taking away trees… we really can’t keep up! We are bamboo lovers for these reasons.

Public Facing Murals

See the existing work before it changes! Just as life, everything changes.

These works have been up since 2021, featuring artists like Andee Rudloff, Sam Welch, C3 Art, Reis O’Neil, neighbors and community members during our Paint Party event. Thank you for your beautiful work! I wonder what will be put up next!

Music Monastery is a loving manifestation and installation of Spiritual Home for Artists

Address: 900 Ramsey Street Nashville TN 37206